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Premier Dental Team

Convenient Location!

Modern, Forward Thinking


Dr. DeArmond

Clinic founder, dentist

Welcome to our website. I am Dr. Eben DeArmond, and I have been practicing cosmetic and restorative dentistry in Cleveland since 1982.
My dental team and I invite you to learn about our practice and meet our skilled and experienced team. We are a General Dentistry practice with emphasis on preventive care, cosmetic, restorative, and implant dentistry. It is my goal to help you and your families establish and maintain excellent oral health for a lifetime. We base our treatment recommendations on current and scientifically supported principles.
We welcome the opportunity to meet you and help you with your dental needs. We would be happy to help you schedule a time to get acquainted and discuss your specific dental concerns.

Our mission

 We, as a professional dental team, will approach each of our patients with compassion and genuine concern for their well-being. Through personal relationships we will make every effort to understand our patient’s needs and help them to accomplish their desired dental health goals. With personal commitments to excellence and professionalism, we will educate our patients so that they will gain an understanding and appreciate the importance of good oral health.

Meet our team


I always feel special when I go to this office. Robin is the best and most gentle hygienist, as well as a great person! Our dentist Dr. DeArmond is also caring and informative. I’ve been going here for over 20 years.

Erin H

My wonderful hygienist – Robyn – did another amazing job on my teeth today. I am always very relaxed in the chair, knowing she is giving my teeth the most thorough cleaning possible. I appreciate her excellence!here for over 20 years.

Jenny N

Dr. DeArmond is an excellent dentist. His staff is very personable and caring. The facilities are very clean and neat, along with lovely seasonal decorations. I really like the e-mail reminders of appointments. I highly recommend their services!

Terrie G

Cleveland Dental Health Center