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We are pleased to provide a very talented and experienced Dental Hygiene team. Each of our three Dental Hygienists has twenty plus years of experience providing preventive, therapeutic, and periodontal maintenance services for our patients. Individualized programs are developed based on each patient’s needs.

Periodontal Maintenance:

Some patients will develop dental disease in spite of good home care. Measuring the tissue depth around the necks of the teeth is one of our best screening tools for gum disease. Measurements of 1-4mm without bleeding are considered a healthy range. Tissue measurements with depths of 5mm or greater have a significant change in the types of germs under the gum and are considered at risk for bone loss.

Periodontal disease is related to specific immune responses that are unique to each individual. Once we recognize signs and symptoms of gum disease, we will make specific recommendations for treatment to address the level of disease present. The goal is to disrupt the colonies of bacteria before they are able to cause an immune response.

Should basic treatments and modified and intensified home care measures fail to curb a disease process, we will recommend that you allow one of our specialists (Periodontist) evaluate and treat you. Following formal treatment, we will work with the Periodontist to monitor and help maintain good health. The monitoring programs are generally based on alternating 3-4 month recall appointments. As your condition stabilizes, the frequency of your visits may be modified.

These visits are considered therapeutic rather than preventive in nature. Once you demonstrate a susceptibility to gum disease, our approach to assisting you in maintaining good health must be more proactive.


Sealants are a very effective means of preventing cavities from forming in the pits and fissures of the teeth. Children and teenagers are our most common candidates for sealants, however, adults can benefit from sealants as a deterrent to decay. We normally limit the application of sealants to permanent teeth.

The sealant is a simple procedure that requires no numbing. The paint-on tooth colored material flows into the grooves and pits and effectively seals the tooth from decay. Our dental hygienists are expertly trained in the placement of dental sealant.

The sealants may last for several years under normal chewing before reapplication is necessary.


Fluoride Varnishes:

The application of Fluoride Varnish has become the most effective method of applying supplemental fluoride to children and high risk adults. Our city water contains one part fluoride per million parts water and has been proven to be the single most effective tool we have for prevention of dental decay. Patients who enjoy well water or prefer to drink bottled water should consider periodic Fluoride Varnish applications and a daily supplemental fluoride rinse. Our dental hygienists will be pleased to discuss a personalized prevention plan with you.

Nitrous Oxide:

Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas is available for our patients that are apprehensive or nervous about receiving dental services. Nitrous oxide is a very safe inhaled anti-anxiety agent that is combined with oxygen. This is not a deep sedation. You would be capable of safely driving a car within a few minutes of discontinuing the inhaled medication.

Occasionally mild oral medications may be administered in conjunction with the nitrous oxide. The dosing is based on relaxation and relief of anxiety not conscious sedation. We general suggest that patients make arrangements for someone to drive them should we need to add an oral medication.