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Dental Services

Complete dental health is critical in the total health of an individual. Staying current with research and techniques helps our doctors and staff to properly advise our patients of the correct options for establishing and maintaining excellent dental health for a lifetime.

Cosmetic Dentistry seems to be the on top of everyone’s list. Dr. DeArmond has focused much of his career toward helping patients improve their appearance. The Art and Science of Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry go far beyond how white someone’s teeth are. A complete and appropriate treatment must make certain that all aspects of a patient’s dental health are reviewed and confirmed stable and healthy.

Our practice provides a number of services and procedures, and we have excellent working relationships with local and regional specialists who support and compliment our services.

Comprehensive care involves more than drilling holes and filling them up or sticking porcelain on teeth.. Prevention is a large portion of helping our patients to maintain good oral health. Understanding how and why something breaks is as important as how to fix the problem. Please review our common services and feel free to inquire if you have a need for any of these services.


Dental Hygiene and Preventive Services     Diagnostic Services    Restorative Services